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Its All About Timing

Working hours is important in the productivity of a work force. The majority prefer the 9am to 5 pm schedule. But what about those who work better on morning or evening time? Is there an opportunity that favors for them? No need to fret, the diversity of career paths opens different possibilities, hence there is something for everyone.

The job list for the morning people, those who are alive and enthusiastic at the early time of the day, these are the careers that might suit you.

1.Morning news producer
2. Newspaper deliverer
3. School teacher
4.Refuse and recyclable material collector
5.Postal Service mail carrier

The job list below is for the night people whose minds kick into high gear just as the afternoon sun get down.

2.Bartender or bouncer
3.Pastry chef
4.Movie projectionist
5.Disc jockey

There are other jobs that requires 24 hours coverage thus have opening for morning, mid or night shifts.

1.Healthcare (Nurse, doctor, EMT, paramedic)
2.Food service (Chef/cook, waiter, host(ess), barista, dishwasher)
3. Public service (Police officer, firefighter)
4.Transportation (Transit or railroad operator, truck driver, bus driver, taxi driver, chauffeur)
5.Hotel employees
6.Security Guards
7. Helpline
8. Technical Support Staff

You should always choose a job that satisfies your passion, interest and financial status but remember that the working hours that suits your body clock will help you increase your job satisfaction and productivity.


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