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10 Effective Workplace Habits


The most dreaded scene in Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice is when he meets a contestant at the boardroom and tells him “You’re fired!�?. Then the only thing a contestant can do is either plead or cry. The pithy phrase strikes fear to the audience especially for those working professionals. It’s either you’re a heir of an empire to not care or you dread to lose your job. For the majority, their job supports their expenses and feeds their passion. It is not enough to work hard, working professionals must know how to keep themselves employed amidst the strong industry competition. The list below discuss the top 10 effective workplace habits to prolong one’s career.

1.Have a life plan. Most successful people have created a clear life plan. They either memorized it by heart or wrote about it, by doing these they’ve outlined the direction that they want to take. This helps them take the small steps that will make them closer to their big dream. Roadblocks might cross their paths but being focus on their plans, definitely it will lead them to the right way.

2.Update your skills sets. The only constant thing is change. In every industry advancement is discovered thus keeping your skills set current will make you stay at par with your colleagues. Be updated on new methods that will make you more efficient.

3.Be responsible. A professional employee exert all their efforts until they achieve the results that they wanted. Give all your best, getting hired doesn’t mean that you can’t give the same enthusiasm that you’ve showed as an applicant of your company.

4.Do the job using efficient and effective means. The end doesn’t always justify the means therefore make sure you do your work efficiently and effectively to give you more viable outcomes.

Be irreplaceable. Work hard and show them that no one can do the job right, but you.

6.Remember that knowledge is power. Don’t be afraid to keep on learning new ideas and approaches that can ameliorate your career. Continuously feed your brains by reading lots of books even if it’s not related to your work.

7.Be with the right crowd. Be with people who exudes positive behavior and encourages intelligence and creativity in others because you can learn from them that might help with your grow as a person.

8.Give credit to where it is due. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge a colleague’s good work because people inevitably reap what they saw. Similarly you will also be recognize for your best efforts.

9.Distinguish the line between promoting your self and bragging your accomplishments. Find the proper way and venue to let your colleagues in the industry know about your success.

10.Accept the fact that your career’s success will not be a walk in the park. There will be times where despite all your attempts and good intentions, unfavorable situations happens but you must not lose your focus. Being mentally and physically tough will help you get through the ordeal.

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