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Sticky Office Situations

#1 How to deal with officemates when you get promoted as their superior.

Handling the shift of being their colleague to a boss is a challenging problem. Adjustments should be done by both sides to deal with this issue properly. The first thing to do is to acknowledge that your relationship has been changed. You are now in a different status but you’re certainly looking forward to work with them as it was like before. You should also maintain an open communication with your team by taking their suggestions and acknowledging their good efforts. Lastly, don’t take everything personally. Others might be jealous of your achievement but the only better thing to do is ignore them because you know how hard you worked to get that promotion.

#2 What to do when your co-worker have too much personal drama.

Ideally, a person should have a separate personal and professional life but some people brings their personal drama to work to the point that it causes stress to everyone around her. When there is a lot of non-work related stress in your office, the best thing to do is to stay away from it. It’s a hard ordeal because you work at the same office but you must not talk about the issue and don’t make any comments about it. If you are asked about your opinion just say that you would rather not get involved . Perhaps make a suggestion that it is much a better idea to seeks help to the superior in your company like the supervisor etc.

#3 How to deal with the boss from hell?

Most people have dealt with the difficult, intimidating, or pushy bosses and supervisors. You may not be able to change their behavior but you can learn how to deal with them properly. Learn to manage this conflict by thinking before speaking or doing an action rather than acting based on emotion. You should try to discuss (not confront) to your boss your issue with him. When he criticize your performance ask for his advice on how you can improve. Remember that you don’t have to like your boss as a person but you can be professional in dealing with him and get your job done as his subordinate.

#4 How to handle relationship with your partner inside the office.

Yes, love is inevitable, especially with two persons that are physically and spiritually attracted to each other. Wherever you are, in whatever circumstances it may be, if you fall in love you will do everything for this moment. However, if you’re mature enough to know how to handle this things, like if your co-employee is your lover you should know that you’re both officemates inside the company. There is no things that in favor with each other, inside the office you must act professionally and responsible for your own job. And if ever that you have problems with your relationship, it will be a great idea if you doesn’t bring it within your work, because it will not just affect your performances with your job but also to your partner.

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