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Which jobs will give you the skills you need?

Some jobs can be better for long term career prospects than others. When starting out in an industry, the kind of experience you have in your first few jobs can inform the progression of your entire career. If you have specific career goals, then, it may be a good idea to look for jobs that will allow you to develop the appropriate skills for jobs that you take on later in life.

Management positions will often only be available to people who have demonstrated some ability to lead in the past. While you first job is unlikely to give you leadership opportunities, at least for some time, planning to take up positions that occasionally require you to lead may be good preparation for management jobs in the future.

Planning and consultancy jobs can require that you become well-versed in many areas or else extremely experienced in a specialty. You may need to be exceptionally careful in planning your career path, and may even need to continuously look for opportunities to learn more about your specialisation if you intend to end up in a consultancy role in the future.

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