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First and foremost, you are not entitled to a profession, career, or job unless someone is willing to employ you. Job seekers must practice the art of having excellent work and people skills in any field of employment. You may know someone who just shows up to work, does as little as possible and somehow gets away with it. This way of working may be successful for them. However, be very aware, that no employer expects to just give you a pay packet, just because you are relying on it and need it to survive. Many employers browse the online job search pages to find out just what sort of employees are looking for work. At and, you can register free in their Jobs Sections. Search online through thousands of job opportunities and then if you post a great resume, you may just sit back and have the offers pour in to you.
Applicants must know that it is much easier for employers to fire their employees, and they are taking full advantage since the new regulations came into being. It's not a better idea especially nowadays. Many employers were able to manipulate employees and nobody can do about it. The point is, people must have vast work skills and enhance their capabilities on a regular basis so they will not suffer the loss of their job to a more experienced newcomer.
Being a good employee means being a good person. You should be patient, attentive, courteous, and reliable. Good companies and employers know that these values cannot be learned in any high school, college, or university, or on the job training. These qualities must be within you before you work for anybody. They are the most valued characteristics to find in an employee, they are also the rarest.
Unfortunately, many people seem to have cause to believe that employers are obligated to offer them work stability. Think again. This narrow-mindedness will keep you unemployed for a long time and while you are at home feeling sorry for yourself, you can keep living in your fantasy world. If you are only able to do one or two different jobs, you are looking for permanent unemployment. It is your responsibility to have acquired many different skills, so you will have real confidence, which will shine through while you are being interviewed, and land you the job you seek. Moreover, you know that even if you are fired you can easily find another job without a worry.

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