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It's Good to Feel Good

Employer job posting, job posting online or job posting sites are just one of the internet’s best services to provide. Applying for a job made very convenient for job seekers. Yes, I know it’s very tiring. Seeking for a job opportunity to be able to survive the demands of living is very stressful, both to the mind and body. Sometimes it wouldn’t even come so when you see it, grab it for opportunities rather job opportunity to be exact knock only once.

People see career opportunity somewhat as luck. A one time, big time luck specially for a very competitive world today. You may be at work for the reason that it’s the only available one but doesn’t really want the position. Career opportunity is what most people seek for maybe to establish something within self or basically as a means of survival. This, sometimes leads to frustrations.

I’ve read lot of books about good feeling until I found one on “Moment of Pleasure” by Paul Wilson. I’m going to share to you some of his’:

FAKE IT: Pretend you’re feeling on top of the world and guess how you’ll be feeling.

PERFECTION: Imagine how good you feel after completing a difficult task and your boss says ‘Perfect.’

GO BANANAS: Find the pleasure in Potassium, foods such as bananas because they’re associated with feeling of well being and cheerfulness.

LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: Invest the little extra effort it takes to be positive and optimistic - it pays off over and over again.

GIVE: Give more love than you expect to receive and you will be doubly awarded.

SEARCH FOR THE UPSIDE: You will be pleasantly surprise to learn how good life can be by taking one simple step: Strive to find the good in all you do and encounter.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION: You can make yourself feel wonderful simply by making the decision to feel wonderful. Give yourself permission to feel good. Right now even if it is only for a short while.

LOOK HEAVENWARD: Gaze at the wonder and infiniteness of space on a clear night. See yourself for what you are: An integral player in this grand spectacle.

CHALLENGE THE MIRROR: Gage deeply into a mirror and observe how beautiful you really are under your skin.

CHEER UP: Talk cheerful, choose cheerful words, and you’ll talk yourself into believing you can become cheerful before you know it.

And this, my favorite…

HURT YOUR FACE: Laugh… so hard that your face hurts.

Reality bites, people just don’t realized that not everything is seen by the naked eye. Enjoy life, do away with stress true it’s just all in the mind. Challenges are just a part of what is in store for you, both inside and out.

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