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Lots of problems in a firm is usually tracked to the difference of everyones belief or perception. Well, there will always be two side in a story isn't it? But for every situation don't expect that everyone will understand there will always be one or two who doesn't.

Regardless if you are working in a much stable company, in just a small office or just having your office in the your house you will just see yourself in such scenario. May it be with how you see things, how others will be remembering it and other follows.

What is the cause if it?

Everyone see things in a different but unique way. Everyone has their own experiences in life that would may teach them some things that others haven't encountered yet. People vary on how they grow, their family background specifically. Of course no one wants any argument. It just sometimes what is sensible to others is senseless to one.

So how to resolve the matter and meet in one point with your respected colleagues:

A. Learn to accept and respect that not everyone has the same perceptions and you are going to see it as a perception. Nothing more nothing less.

B. Learn to listen. Trying to explain clearly may help.

Hard feelings, how to prevent it?

A. Respect your colleagues opinion.

B. Think that you are solving a problem. Sometimes it helps to think that you are solving one rather than trying to brag that you are right.

C. Listen to whatever explanation that they may have if necessary.

If the above statement is being practiced professionalism and productivity may come to development. Avoid misunderstanding always give your chance to listen, Hear what others is saying and respect it. This also help to be a harmonious relationship among your office mates. Remember to acquire proper respect show respect to others.

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