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Career Motivation implies as a team

“Motivation is doing more than you have to.” that's the working definition which commonly used in our work and job application. Agile people commonly team leaders, invest more than the average amount of energy, enthusiasm, time, effort in their work, and constantly look for ways to motivate other co-workers to do likewise. This doesn't mean that these people are conceited, smug,or showing superiority to others. They simply believe, and live the belief, that they are not run-of-the-mill. This well-established dedication to excellence is reflected their goals, thoughts, words, and actions. Mediocrity? That's for those who are content with less than the best.

Team leaders and their co-workers alike needs motivating which must applies relationships between the two sides. It's part of every leaders job to ensure that their workers invest more of themselves in their work than they absolutely must. Second thing is relationships within themselves. People need an inventory of techniques and “tricks of the trade” that employ to move themselves off dead-center for the sake of their own career.

One of the oldest definitions of a team success is “getting things done through others”, and employees are a major group of those “others”. Leader has a role of motivating their people, because so much of their reputation and success depends on how effectively and productively your people perform. Leaders have to figure out methods to get people to do so what they want them to because they want to do it. This task is not as easy when we say it, because each person is different from the others.

If you're leader, it's equally important for you to know to motivate yourself. Usually your boss may not take the time and trouble to do for you. What you, as a leader, have resolved to do for your own workers.

Self-motivation is an intriguing and useful topic. And one thats rarely mention in seminars, books, and other resources. So rarely that people almost not been mention at all, except in an interview of a job application.

As are unpretentious agile people out it, “you've got to have the want-to-first”. Even it is not sure how fast a certain person can get it.

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