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To Communicate is your job

Communicating basically is necessary in every job. How about if you have no time to take any writing course or just too timid to speak in meetings? But don't worry because in every problem there's a solution. You should only be aware of the basic requirements most employment company looks for and how are you going to improve it.

Written Communication

You should be able to somehow express your thoughts in terms of writing. If you have already developed your grammar then you can already work on your style.

Some community schools offer night courses on the subject of grammar and writing.

You can start from borrowing books of grammar from you teachers. You can also try reading books to practice your grammar.

You can ask help form others to check your work and make him to correct your work for improvement.

You can also check the web. There are online tutorials available over the net.

Verbal Communication

Speaking skills is something you should also be giving attention. This helps you to express your thoughts effectively.

You could ask your colleagues to help in improving your grammar.

Join in workshop about communicating skill to boost your confidence in speaking publicly.


Listening to your peers helps build a good relationship.

Focus your attention with the one you are talking to. You can rent audiotape or videotape to enhance your listening skills.

Sharing Your Opinion or Analysis

There are times that you'll be asked to share you ideas and defend your stand.

Remember it is okay to speak slowly but you should be thinking quickly. Analyze the subject to be able to give an intelligent opinion.

Confidence is what it takes. Besides you are only expressing the things which you are knowledgeable of and you are only speaking out your personality. Of course it would quite difficult in the beginning but courageous in reaching your goal.

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