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Cool Jobs - Technical Junkies Edition

Are you always updated about the latest technologies and gadgets? Are you the type of person who can’t imagine yourself in a 9 to 5 job? If you answered ‘yes’ in any of the questions above, read along to this article that talks about the top 6 cool jobs suited for technology junkies.

1. A Web designer is a person who designs web pages, they also make models of pages using graphics application such as Adobe Photoshop. This job is suitable for artistically inclined people who are also adept with the technologies and applications that can help them make digital art.

2. A Computer game designer designs computer or video games. They are involved in developing, designing and creating games.

3. This is probably the dream job of gaming enthusiast because a game tester’s role in game development is analyzing the game for quality control purpose and testing the durability of the disc by playing the computer/video game.

4. If you want to fly, be a test pilot. They are aviators who fly new or modified aircrafts in specific test plan which is designed to measure and evaluate the aircraft’s design.

5. A Weather forecaster estimates and calculates in advance the weather conditions by analyzing meteorological data.

6. If you’re creative and would like to showcase your artistic sensibilities using a masterful fireworks display, then be a Pyrotechnics specialist. They custom and design multi media spectaculars by adding other elements such as laser, sounds, etc.

Most people aim to end up with a job that is in line with their interests or hobby. But we often wonder if we can really earn a living to do those cool but unusual jobs. The answer to that is yes, all you have to do is imagine and take step forward for your dream.

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