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Why You Should be a Flight Attendant

In the movie “A View from The Top? which was shown in 2003, the public saw the comic side, struggles and success in the world of flight attendants. Flight attendants, also called sky girls, air hostesses, stewardesses or stewards, are provided by airlines to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers throughout their flight. They also provide courtesy services for the passengers like distributing meals and drinks, managing the in-flight entertainment system, etc. To get started in this career, you must meet the basic requirements such as age, height, vision and citizenship. To further qualify you should demonstrate a customer oriented attitude, proficiency in multiple language and pass the training that will be provided.

Being a flight attendant is often perceived as a glamorous job because of the image that they project. They are also envied because of their luxury of being able to travel and work at the same time. Below is the list of 7 more reasons why you should be a flight attendant

1. In between flights, flight stewardess’ can stay and relax on hotels with free room service. They also have free transportation to get back on the airport the next day.

2. They can have more day offs, therefor more time to pursue other hobby, sport or just bum around while waiting for the next flight.

3. Flight stewardess can meet diverse kinds of people, from celebrities to politicians, the rich and the famous, a humble doctor, group of students, etc.

4. From their uniform, to their task, salary and perks, this job spells Glamour.

5. Flight Attendants earn more and work less, with each passing year. Seniority is the key in this industry, so the more experience they have, the better trips and pay they can gain.

6. A great perk for this job is that their family and friends can fly anytime and anywhere, for free.

7. They can learn diverse culture and tradition from each country that they visit. Being well traveled is an advantage because of the pleasure of seeing and experiencing things that most people just read on the book or watch on TV.

Be a flight attendant if your passion is to serve someone, to make his life a little happier and more comfortable by simply offering a pillow or a cold beverage thus making his flight a happy experience.

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